Call for Abstracts

Please send applications for lectures after registering for the Annual Meeting.
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*Abstracts must be uploaded in PDF format.
Before submitting an application for a lecture, prepare a PDF file using the outline template.

Application period

January 10 (Thu) - February 20 (Wed) 2019 at 23:59(JPN time)
January 10 (Thu) - February 27 (Wed) 2019 at 23:59(JPN time)

Application qualifications and number of applications

Both members and non-members of the Japanese Society of Microscopy may submit multiple applications for lectures. We look forward to receiving a number of applications. We accept applications for membership in the Japanese Society of Microscopy any time. Non-members should refer to the website of the Japanese Society of Microscopy for information (

General Lecture Sessions

We are calling for applications for lectures in the following categories. When submitting an application, please choose one category (I. Microscopic technology, B. Medical and biological sciences, M. Material science) and up to three session items. We will meet your requests as much as possible. However, the final decision lies with the Program Committee.

I. Microscopic technology

1. I-1. TEM , STEM & Aberration-Corrected Microscopy
2. I-2. SEM
3. I-3. Analytical Electron Microscope
4. I-4. Phase-Related Topics ( Phase Retrieval, Phase Detection, Phase Plate, Holography,
Lorentz-Microscopy & Others )
5. I-5. 3D Analysis ( Biology & Material Sciences )
6. I-6. Image Processings & Analyses ( Biology & Material Sciences )
7. I-7. Educations & Outreach Activities using Microscopes
8. I-8. Others ( Instruments & Methods )

B. Medical and biological sciences

1. B-1. Bio-Imaging ( Super-Resolution Microscopy & Others )
2. B-2. Cryo-Electron Microscopy & Protein Crystallography
3. B-3. CLEM: Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy
4. B-4. Sample Preparation & Observing Methods for Biological Specimens
5. B-5. Cells & Tissues ( Biological & Medical Sciences )
6. B-6. Cells & Tissues ( Plant-based Biology )
7. B-7. Microorganisms ( Fungi, Bacteria & Virus )
8. B-8. Others ( Biological & Medical Sciences )

M. Material science

1. M-1. Metals & alloys
2. M-2. Semiconductors
3. M-3. Ceramics
4. M-4. Magnetic Materials & Ferroelectric Materials
5. M-5. Nanomaterials
6. M-6. Soft Materials & Organic Materials
7. M-7. Surfaces & Interfaces
8. M-8. In-situ Observation & Environmental Microscopy
9. M-9. Others ( Materials Sciences & Bio-Material Sciences )


Scheduled symposiums are as follows, but we have not made public offerings for symposium sessions.

01.S-10:Paradigm Shift in Microscopy
02.S-20:International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy
03.S-30:Section scanning electron microscopy and its application for biological specimens
04.S-40:Accelerating development of cryo-EM technology
05.S-50:Practical analytical technique by electron microscopy in companies
06.S-60:Research and Development of the Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy
06.S-60:with TEM (CLEM-TEM)
07.S-70:Future life sciences developed by cryo-electron tomography
08.S-80:Spectroscopy for Soft Materials
09.S-90:SEM’s latest technology to open up the future of material development and outlook
09.S-90:for the future
10.S-10:Paradigm shift of user’s needs in an advanced characterization sharing network
11.S-11:Segmentation approach for biological volume image
12.S-12:Paradigm shift of Atomic Force Microscopy〜Structural-functional analysis
12.S-12:across the hierarchy from atom to cell〜

Special Sessions

SS-1 Lectures by Award Winners  【Presentations】 Award lecture
OT-1 Prize Winner Lecture Meeting of the Kazato Research Foundation 

Download the template for abstract

Save it in pdf, and upload it when you register.

Abstract Template Japanese ver1.doc(Japanese)
Abstract Template English ver2.doc(English)

Presentation format

General lectures may be oral presentations or poster presentations. Symposiums are oral presentations.

Oral presentations:

Each venue will be equipped with projectors, screens, monitors, and other related equipment.

Poster presentations:

Poster board size: (L) 210 cm x (W) 90 cm
Displayable size: (L) 170 cm x (W) 90 cm

Acceptance of lecture application

Titles of accepted lectures will be posted on our website after a decision has been made by the Program Committee.

Decisions on presentation sessions and presentation formats

We will meet applicants’ requests for presentation sessions and presentation formats (oral/poster) as much as possible. Please note that we may not be able to comply with all requests.

Presentation times

1. Oral presentations at general lecture: 15 minutes (includes discussion)
2. Poster presentations at general lecture: Posted throughout the exhibition period.
Questions and discussion times will be announced at a later date.
3. Oral presentations at symposiums: Determined by the organizers of relevant sessions.

Best Poster Awards

The winners of the Best Poster Awards will be selected by the Selection Committee during the exhibition period. Winners will be presented with Best Poster Awards at the social event.

Printed Proceedings

The proceedings for the Annual Meeting will be available for viewing online.
If you wish to have a printed version, please purchase from the registration page.


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The JSM Annual Meeting Office
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